New Problems

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    Can't search title?

    Henry Wong · 0 · Posted

    I understand that the search term must be an exact match but when I search for "02270840" from the title it didn't find the match. No results also if I search for "How". Don't know if this is the expected behavior. 

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    Backup hangs at 0% in preparing uploads phase

    Tebibyte · 2 · Last reply by Tebibyte

    I have been trying to backup to google drive, but the processes hangs in Step 4/5 at 0% in preparing uploads phase. Little cpu or network activity is being used by the extention. 

    That said, I have 2gb of files and screenshots to backup so some slowness in understandable.

    I really like the extention though, good work!

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    New Google Drive initial backup uses too much CPU

    Mischa · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    I canceled because my laptop was too hot for too long. 2017 top of the line Macbook Pro.