Acknowledged Problems

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    Seperating words algorithm doesn't consider non-space seperated languages

    kazekara · 3 · Last reply by Monkey 777

    Words are currently separated by English punctuation like spaces, commas, etc., I suppose. This, however, makes it almost impossible to search for pages in other languages, like Chinese or Japanese where words are organized together without spaces.

    Let's take this page for example. In the .subject div, there are some information about a TV show. If one were to search "制片国家" (country of production), the page would pop up in worldbrain's search. However, if "制片" (production) or "国家" (country) were searched, the page will not show up in the search results, since I believe worldbrain considers "制片国家" to be

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    Problem with iCloud mail compose when extension in enabled (Firefox)

    woguret · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    iCloud's compose function in the web interface for iCloud Mail fails when the Memex extension in enabled in Firefox.

    This is the trace:

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    Memex not working on Ubuntu 16.04, Firefox 61.0.2 (64-bit)

    Jan · 6 · Last reply by jan bol


    I installed Memex a long time ago, I thought this issue would go away after some updates...

    I also removed and reinstalled Memex several times.

    But when I go to "Import History & Bookmarks" in settings it's always stating:

    "Analysing your browsing history & bookmarks for importing. This can take a few moments." How can I delete the whole database? Regards Jan

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    Highlights dissapear when panel is hidden

    woguret · 3 · Last reply by yuechuan chen

    Highlighted text reverts to normal (hightlights removed) when panel is closed. I'm not sure if this by design or not, but it would make sense to laways show highlights if present on the visited page.

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    Page does not render correctly.

    Sun Kim · 3 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Memex is preventing the page from rendering correctly. I tried adding it to the blacklist, but blacklist seems to only prevent annotation prompt from appearing, but doesn't stop interacting with the page.

    How do I submit the HTML to you that is causing this privately?

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    missing tag

    Stephan · 3 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter


    i have tagged a website with the tag 'cat'.

    When i switch to the dashboard an search for this tag, no results found

    Your sincerly Stephan.

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    Received RPC for unknown function: toggleIFrameRender

    10handedtarot · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Running the extension on 68 I get the following error in the console in quite a few page:

    `Received RPC for unknown function: toggleIFrameRender`

    One of the sites where it happens is for example.