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  • Tutorial: Power Search your Browsing History

    Full Tutorial

    1. 4 Ways of Searching
      • Address Bar of Browser
      • Menu Popup
      • Search Dashboard
      • Google & DuckDuckGo
    2. Pro Queries
      • Filter by time
      • Filter by domain
      • Filter by tags
      • Exclude terms & domains


    4 Ways of Searching

    1. Via the address bar of Chrome and Firefox

    • Type 'w', then 'space' or 'tab' into the address bar to activate search. The results are marked with the  -icon.
    • To add a time filter type in after:"2 weeks ago" or before:"yesterday". (Important to use the " to define the time)
    • add a tag filter by typing in #cool or #cool+project for the tags
  • Known Limitations of Searching

    Unfortunately, as much as we want to, our search is not perfect yet. There are a couple of known limiations, we strive to improve constantly. 

    Only exact matches findable. Only matches for your exact keywords are findable right now. No synonyms, partial words or fuzzy matching possible yet. 

    Lag in search Currently it may happen that you experience a lag in getting back search results, when you visited a website just before.   This is because we have yet to implement a more efficient way of searching and indexing at the same time.  Another reasons is that some queries can need

  • Feature: Tagging

    We are happy to announce a new feature to swiftly organise content and find it even more easily: Tagging websites.

    1) Adding Tags

    a) Via the browser menu popup

    b) On every result in the Overview

    2) Searching / Filtering by Tags

    a) With the # in search queries

    You can use the # shortcut both in the overview and when searching via the browser's address bar. 

    b) With the visual tag filter 

  • Prevent your imports from stopping midway

    Due to a protection mechanism by your browser, it can happen that your imports suddenly stops.  This mechanism is originally intended to warn you from visiting phishing websites. 

    When our background process requests such a url, it blocks our code from being executed and also blocks all further requests.  With a few clicks you can (temporarily) disable this measure and your imports will run through. . 

    NO WORRIES THOUGH. When the import process visits those websites, no viruses can be downloaded.  By re-enabling the protection afterwards you are safe visiting those sites because it will show you the familiar warning

  • Feature: Excluding terms and domains

    Yeah! Memex now supports the ability to filter out results that contain terms you define or are from certain domains.  It's pretty straight forward and some of you surely know how to do this with Google. 

    Exclude terms:

    Type: house -garage Get: all pages containing house but not garage

    Exclude domains:

    Type: house or house  Get: all pages containing house without the ones on

    Exclude multiple domains:

    Type: house or house Get: all pages containing house without the ones on and 

    Include domains:

    We also made some updates to the query to include domains.  To filter for specific domains you

  • Tutorial: Memex.Links: Highlight any text and create a link to it.

    Ever wanted to show someone a specific piece of text in an article? Be it to cite more precisely in your blog posts or news articles, or in a debate on social media?Then you know the pain of copy-pasting all relevant information back-and-forth. 

    How to use:

    1. Make sure your annotation tooltip is turned on. You find the switch by clicking on the small  icon in the top right corner of your browser.
    2. Highlight any piece of text on the web
    3. Click on the 'share' icon in the appearing tooltip
    4. Get a link you can share with anybody. Anyone opening such a
  • Tutorial: Notes & Annotations


    1. Annotations only work on tabs that have been opened after installing Memex 
    2. After an update of Memex, currently open tabs need to be reloaded in order to make annotations. We can't do anything about it at the moment. Its a limitation of your browsers.

    How to use: 

    1. Make sure your sidebar and tooltip is turned on. You find the switch by clicking on the small  icon in the top right corner of your browser.
    2. Highlight any piece of text, and click on the  icon.
    3. Add comment to it, and/or tags, and save the annotation

    Current Limitations:

    1. You can't search the
  • Tutorial: Tags, Bookmarks & Collections

    How to use: 

    1. Adding to Collections

    You have 2 ways of adding pages to collections:

    1. Via the  button in the extensions shortcuts of the browser, then click on "Add to collection(s)"
    2. In the overview you can simply drag any result element, hover over the  icon, and drop it over a list you'd like to add it to. 

    2. Tagging Pages

    You have 2 ways of adding pages to collections:

    1. Via the  button in the extensions shortcuts of the browser, then click on "Add tag(s)"
    2. In the overview you click on the  icon you can find on each result element, and pick tags you'd
  • Delete your backup (and start over)

    We are sorry this is still a bit more complicated, we have not implemented an automatic deletion and restart process yet.

    1. Delete drive backup

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner
    3. Go to 'Manage Apps'
    4. Search for 'Memex Cloud'
    5. On the right side is a settings button, pick 'Delete App Data'

    2. Delete your Last Backup Timestamp

    a) On Chrome:

    1. Type in chrome://extensions in the address field
    2. Turn the switch "Developer Mode" on in the top right corner
    3. Look for the 'Memex' card in the list
    4. Click on Background Script
    5. Chose the tab
  • Why do so many of my imports fail?

    You may wonder why a lot of the urls you try to import fail?

    This can have several reasons: 

    1. It requests URLs that are behind a login wall and you are not logged in to that particular service at the moment.
    2. Services block your requests temporarily because you try to fetch a lot of them (e.g. lots of google results)
    3. The page is not reachable anymore

    How to (partially) solve this: 

    Especially for reason 2 you can retry the download

    1. Go to "advanced settings" which you find next to the "start import" button
    2. Check "include previously failed urls"
    3. Re-run the