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    binding, merging or editing url

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    there are some websites using non-static web addresses

    Method 1: has a policy to strip unnecessary suffix

    eg: =Strip to>

    Method 2: auto and manual merge on different entries with same content/ webpage

    allowing to bind standard youtube address, youtube sharing address and youtube address within a playlist to display as 1 entry

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    drop down menu

    Dean Morrison · 2 · Last reply by gwe-1510

    tags filter box and tag entry box should have a drop-down menu allowing user to select from existing tags

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    Make OR searches possible in the query.

    FlickerSoul · 5 · Last reply by JonB451

    Please improve searching function. Typing a few keywords in the searching bar, I cannot get any results. However, if I type words individually, it will show results, but in a massive range, which is very annoying!

    please improve this! 

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    Slim View for Results List

    Mikula Beutl · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    i dont necessarily need the thumbnails, is there a list view like has it (see below)

    i want this style:


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    Toolbar icon color should be green

    Naved Islam · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Currently the toolbar icon is black, and so when using a dark theme it becomes hard to see (see attachment). 

    Simply recoloring the current icon to green like the sidebar, or a lighter gray color would solve this issue. 

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    can recall an exact image of each page view

    Lif · 2 · Last reply by Lif

    Can recall an exact image of each page like view by user :

    - by one of severals screen shot if animated (for fidelity)

    - the source code of the page (for reuse if possible...)

    Of an option, with possibility to choose specific content (folder, just bookmarks, specific date..) to efficient storage.

    french : Pouvoir revoir tout contenu fidélement tel qu'on l'a vu au moment de son visionnage (par une capture d'écran + le code source de la page) avec la possibilité de limiter cet enregistrement complet à une partie du contenu indexé (signets uniquement, une certaine période, dossiers spécifiques...)

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    Under Review

    Personal/offline permanent hyperlinks to annotated webpages

    Aaron · 1 · Last reply by Aaron

    I'd like to be able to have multiple annotations on a webpage, and be able to create permanent hyperlinks to those webpages which I can reference from other browser extensions/web apps/bookmarks/etc. Using as an example, this would become something like: moz-extension://6a010829-06a2-446a-92a3-86d115f3a5a7/

    This would then open the indexed lightweight page and the annotation sidebar would already be open. Benefits:

    - Navigating to an annotated webpage would be faster than the current workflow (navigate to webpage, mouse hover over sidebar, then click open annotation sidebar)

    - Being able to navigate to a lightweight indexed version of webpage would be faster than

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    moodboards and pinterest like layout

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    Add a layout like Moodboard or Pinterest like layout

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    statistical evaluation

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter


    In my spare time I deal with the statistics.

    I would like to present new ideas as a diagram.

    Where is the database with the index ?

    Your sincerly Stephan

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    keep track of reading position of page

    Edwin · 0 · Posted

    Polar Bookshelf can keep track of haw far you've read in a long page/article with pagemark (bookmarking the scroll position of a page).

    It would be great if Memex supported this too.

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    Increased user control over which bookmarks and history are included.

    JonB451 · 1 · Last reply by JonB451

    Each of a user's bookmarks, bookmark folders or pages visited in history could have a check box to toggle it in or out of current search. Or rather than a check box this could be a case of managing two lists: included and excluded. 

    Different profiles could even be allowed (eg, search for <Paris> in 'budget' configuration or 'luxury' configuration) but that is beyond what i am voting for in this initial proposition. 

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    Narrow auto-completion on already applied filters

    gwe-1510 · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    The suggestions in the auto-complete box for tags/domains (or later maybe in the tag cloud) should be restricted by filters already applied - e.g. when filtering the domain "", the tag " computer science " is filtered out because there is no entry that meets booth of theese criteria. This is common in most tag/bookmark tools like tagpacker / diigo /

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    Save Facebook/Twitter posts and comments to Memex

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    I want to have a quick way of saving valuable Facebook/Twitter posts or comments I see, and search them later in my Memex. 

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    Bookmark with description and tag

    Vanhise · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    A bookmark should take up basic text from the page automatically, similar to what google bookmarks does. For example, when visiting a github repository, the description and tags are already available

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    export failed import

    Mikula Beutl · 2 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    title says it all

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    Manual page visit indexing

    Currently page visit indexing happens automatically, based on some user settings. This idea concerns a manual mode where you might press a key combination to invoke indexing on given pages. 

    Original idea from gtusr in this GH issue:

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    default tag for a session

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Hello, when i search in the internet for a idea. For example for cats. I would prefer to set a default tag for this sesssion.

    Your sincerly Stephan