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    default tag for a session

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Hello, when i search in the internet for a idea. For example for cats. I would prefer to set a default tag for this sesssion.

    Your sincerly Stephan

  • Good idea. I'm looking for a central store for brainstorming in the team.

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    In the moment i test same ideas for a central store for brainstorming.

    Give me the opportunity to visualize the content of the memory and to save it in a MySQL. The idea is great.

    Your sincerly Stephan

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    statistical evaluation

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter


    In my spare time I deal with the statistics.

    I would like to present new ideas as a diagram.

    Where is the database with the index ?

    Your sincerly Stephan

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    Highlight icon when current page has comments

    Marcelo Schmidt · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    It would be cool if the Memex icon would highlight or change color when the page has comments.

  • Very new to Memex but very impressed and hopeful

    Fred First · 2 · Last reply by Fred First

    Most of what I do at the computer (now retired) is "knowledge work." As former teacher, essayist, blogger and newspaper columnist, I browse, read, annotate, catalogue and synthesize material across a wide swath of topics in environmental and health areas. Mostly until just yesterday discovering Memex, web information had to be clumsily bookmarked or extracted—to diigo, dynamist, one note, devonthink etc.

    Now, the Internet and the browser can potentially become the center of my work—source and extracted information and inter-connections all potentially managed via Memex. I see this through what this product can become, encouraged by the active and enthusiastic development

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    bookmark indication

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    would like to see bookmarked page lights up the icon when visited

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    binding, merging or editing url

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    there are some websites using non-static web addresses

    Method 1: has a policy to strip unnecessary suffix

    eg: =Strip to>

    Method 2: auto and manual merge on different entries with same content/ webpage

    allowing to bind standard youtube address, youtube sharing address and youtube address within a playlist to display as 1 entry

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    moodboards and pinterest like layout

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    Add a layout like Moodboard or Pinterest like layout

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    keyboard bindings for everything

    Grant Vesely · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    polite suggestion: add keyboard shortcuts (or at least the ability to define your own shortcuts) for all common actions - for instance, opening the Memex menu button, adding a comment to a selected piece of text, and blacklisting a page.

    i know very little about WebExtension development, but it feels like some low-hanging fruit would be the ability to save a comment using alt-enter or ctrl-enter while editing (as opposed to having to select the "save" button using the mouse cursor - which has to be moved from the center of the screen, having just been used to select a

  • Tutorial: Tags, Bookmarks & Collections

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    How to use:

    1. Adding to Collections

    You have 2 ways of adding pages to collections:

    1. Via the button in the extensions shortcuts of the browser, then click on "Add to collection(s)"
    2. In the overview you can simply drag any result element, hover over the icon, and drop it over a list you'd like to add it to.

    2. Tagging Pages

    You have 2 ways of adding pages to collections:

    1. Via the button in the extensions shortcuts of the browser, then click on "Add tag(s)"
    2. In the overview you click on the icon you can find on each result element,
  • Tutorial: Notes & Annotations

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted


    1. Annotations only work on tabs that have been opened after installing Memex 
    2. After an update of Memex, currently open tabs need to be reloaded in order to make annotations. We can't do anything about it at the moment. Its a limitation of your browsers.

    How to use: 

    1. Make sure your sidebar and tooltip is turned on. You find the switch by clicking on the small  icon in the top right corner of your browser.
    2. Highlight any piece of text, and click on the  icon.
    3. Add comment to it, and/or tags, and save the annotation

    Current Limitations:

    1. You can't search the
  • Tutorial: Memex.Links: Highlight any text and create a link to it.

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    Ever wanted to show someone a specific piece of text in an article? Be it to cite more precisely in your blog posts or news articles, or in a debate on social media?Then you know the pain of copy-pasting all relevant information back-and-forth.

    How to use:

    1. Make sure your annotation tooltip is turned on. You find the switch by clicking on the small icon in the top right corner of your browser.
    2. Highlight any piece of text on the web
    3. Click on the 'share' icon in the appearing tooltip
    4. Get a link you can share with anybody. Anyone opening such
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    Make OR searches possible in the query.

    FlickerSoul · 4 · Last reply by JonB451

    Please improve searching function. Typing a few keywords in the searching bar, I cannot get any results. However, if I type words individually, it will show results, but in a massive range, which is very annoying!

    please improve this! 

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    Narrow auto-completion on already applied filters

    gwe-1510 · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    The suggestions in the auto-complete box for tags/domains (or later maybe in the tag cloud) should be restricted by filters already applied - e.g. when filtering the domain "", the tag " computer science " is filtered out because there is no entry that meets booth of theese criteria. This is common in most tag/bookmark tools like tagpacker / diigo /

  • Super fast searching is now live to all users > Import speed 15x faster

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    We are happy to announce our freakin fast new search. In the past weeks we have been working hard to get a faster and more scalable search into Memex. And we did it.

    Before: Downloading 20k websites took around 25h and a single text heavy website sometimes took minutes to index. 

    After: On a medium powered computer with a proper internet connection, importing 20k websites now takes less than 90 minutes. And even with this many documents, a 10k words document takes 500ms to index. 

    Say what?

    Yes. Swoosh so fast!

    What you need to do get the new search:

    Nothing. Just

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    Be able to search using grep or some other regular expression search tool.

    JonB451 · 2 · Last reply by JonB451

    Can we already search for regular expressions in Memex?

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    Nested Bookmark Organizer Like a File system

    Martin Salas · 2 · Last reply by Martin Salas

    The idea is to make a file system like bookmark management view 

  • Prevent your imports from stopping midway

    Oliver Sauter · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Due to a protection mechanism by your browser, it can happen that your imports suddenly stops.  This mechanism is originally intended to warn you from visiting phishing websites. 

    When our background process requests such a url, it blocks our code from being executed and also blocks all further requests.  With a few clicks you can (temporarily) disable this measure and your imports will run through. . 

    NO WORRIES THOUGH. When the import process visits those websites, no viruses can be downloaded.  By re-enabling the protection afterwards you are safe visiting those sites because it will show you the familiar warning