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  • Tutorial: Power Search your Browsing History

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    Full Tutorial

    1. 4 Ways of Searching
      • Address Bar of Browser
      • Menu Popup
      • Search Dashboard
      • Google & DuckDuckGo
    2. Pro Queries
      • Filter by time
      • Filter by domain
      • Filter by tags
      • Exclude terms & domains


    4 Ways of Searching

    1. Via the address bar of Chrome and Firefox

    • Type 'w', then 'space' or 'tab' into the address bar to activate search. The results are marked with the  -icon.
    • To add a time filter type in after:"2 weeks ago" or before:"yesterday". (Important to use the " to define the time)
    • add a tag filter by typing in #cool or #cool+project for the tags
  • Tutorial: Tags, Bookmarks & Collections

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    How to use: 

    1. Adding to Collections

    You have 2 ways of adding pages to collections:

    1. Via the  button in the extensions shortcuts of the browser, then click on "Add to collection(s)"
    2. In the overview you can simply drag any result element, hover over the  icon, and drop it over a list you'd like to add it to. 

    2. Tagging Pages

    You have 2 ways of adding pages to collections:

    1. Via the  button in the extensions shortcuts of the browser, then click on "Add tag(s)"
    2. In the overview you click on the  icon you can find on each result element, and pick tags you'd
  • Known Limitations of Searching

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    Unfortunately, as much as we want to, our search is not perfect yet. There are a couple of known limiations, we strive to improve constantly. 

    Only exact matches findable. Only matches for your exact keywords are findable right now. No synonyms, partial words or fuzzy matching possible yet. 

    Lag in search Currently it may happen that you experience a lag in getting back search results, when you visited a website just before.   This is because we have yet to implement a more efficient way of searching and indexing at the same time.  Another reasons is that some queries can need

  • Prevent your imports from stopping midway

    Oliver Sauter · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Due to a protection mechanism by your browser, it can happen that your imports suddenly stops.  This mechanism is originally intended to warn you from visiting phishing websites. 

    When our background process requests such a url, it blocks our code from being executed and also blocks all further requests.  With a few clicks you can (temporarily) disable this measure and your imports will run through. . 

    NO WORRIES THOUGH. When the import process visits those websites, no viruses can be downloaded.  By re-enabling the protection afterwards you are safe visiting those sites because it will show you the familiar warning

  • Delete your backup (and start over)

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    We are sorry this is still a bit more complicated, we have not implemented an automatic deletion and restart process yet.

    1. Delete drive backup

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner
    3. Go to 'Manage Apps'
    4. Search for 'Memex Cloud'
    5. On the right side is a settings button, pick 'Delete App Data'

    2. Delete your Last Backup Timestamp

    a) On Chrome:

    1. Type in chrome://extensions in the address field
    2. Turn the switch "Developer Mode" on in the top right corner
    3. Look for the 'Memex' card in the list
    4. Click on Background Script
    5. Chose the tab
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    Sync with my mobile phones (iOS and Android Apps for Memex)

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    I need the ability to use my Memex on the go. 

    Main use cases: 

    1. Saving websites (incl. bookmarking, tagging, sorting into collections)
    2. Adding notes and annotations
    3. Searching my Memex store (or parts of it, e.g only bookmarks)

    Any other use cases you could think of dear community? Integration into Premium model:

    Free: Syncing every 15-30 minutes (or manually anytime) when both mobile phone and computer are online. Apart from a "skype"-like connection (WebRTC) we have to create between the devices, this way we have no server costs for your traffic. The connection is made between your devices directly. 

    Premium:  Syncing

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    Read-it Later / Page Archiving

    Oliver Sauter · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Pocket and Safari-Style Read it later function. Basically offering users to create local copies of a website either in full html, or as cleaned 'reader-friendly' versions.  As an initial integration we can work with our friends and partners of the internet archive to be able to make it possible to see annotations made on pages that have vanished.  

  • Why do so many of my imports fail?

    You may wonder why a lot of the urls you try to import fail?

    This can have several reasons: 

    1. It requests URLs that are behind a login wall and you are not logged in to that particular service at the moment.
    2. Services block your requests temporarily because you try to fetch a lot of them (e.g. lots of google results)
    3. The page is not reachable anymore

    How to (partially) solve this: 

    Especially for reason 2 you can retry the download

    1. Go to "advanced settings" which you find next to the "start import" button
    2. Check "include previously failed urls"
    3. Re-run the
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    Sync between multiple computers / browsers

    Mikula Beutl · 4 · Last reply by Henri-Pierre Chavaz

    I definitely need sync with multiple devices (e.g. laptop & computer).  It is important for me to have my history, annotations and bookmarks WITH TAGS synchronized...

    Ideally I can use different server providers like dropbox, drive, or my own private server endpoint...

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    Highlights dissapear when panel is hidden

    woguret · 3 · Last reply by Erik Goossens

    Highlighted text reverts to normal (hightlights removed) when panel is closed. I'm not sure if this by design or not, but it would make sense to laways show highlights if present on the visited page.

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    keyboard bindings for everything

    Grant Vesely · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    polite suggestion: add keyboard shortcuts (or at least the ability to define your own shortcuts) for all common actions - for instance, opening the Memex menu button, adding a comment to a selected piece of text, and blacklisting a page.

    i know very little about WebExtension development, but it feels like some low-hanging fruit would be the ability to save a comment using alt-enter or ctrl-enter while editing (as opposed to having to select the "save" button using the mouse cursor - which has to be moved from the center of the screen, having just been used to select a

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    Under Review

    Personal/offline permanent hyperlinks to annotated webpages

    Aaron · 1 · Last reply by Aaron

    I'd like to be able to have multiple annotations on a webpage, and be able to create permanent hyperlinks to those webpages which I can reference from other browser extensions/web apps/bookmarks/etc. Using as an example, this would become something like: moz-extension://6a010829-06a2-446a-92a3-86d115f3a5a7/

    This would then open the indexed lightweight page and the annotation sidebar would already be open. Benefits:

    - Navigating to an annotated webpage would be faster than the current workflow (navigate to webpage, mouse hover over sidebar, then click open annotation sidebar)

    - Being able to navigate to a lightweight indexed version of webpage would be faster than

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    Highlight icon when current page has comments

    Marcelo Schmidt · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    It would be cool if the Memex icon would highlight or change color when the page has comments.

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    missing tag

    Stephan · 2 · Last reply by Erik Goossens


    i have tagged a website with the tag 'cat'.

    When i switch to the dashboard an search for this tag, no results found

    Your sincerly Stephan.

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    binding, merging or editing url

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    there are some websites using non-static web addresses

    Method 1: has a policy to strip unnecessary suffix

    eg: =Strip to>

    Method 2: auto and manual merge on different entries with same content/ webpage

    allowing to bind standard youtube address, youtube sharing address and youtube address within a playlist to display as 1 entry

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    Nested Bookmark Organizer Like a File system

    Martin Salas · 2 · Last reply by Martin Salas

    The idea is to make a file system like bookmark management view 

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    default tag for a session

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Hello, when i search in the internet for a idea. For example for cats. I would prefer to set a default tag for this sesssion.

    Your sincerly Stephan

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    statistical evaluation

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter


    In my spare time I deal with the statistics.

    I would like to present new ideas as a diagram.

    Where is the database with the index ?

    Your sincerly Stephan

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    How can I retrieve all highlights, that I have saved? Search shows no results, when I choose tags, that I saved my highlights with.

    Iar De · 1 · Last reply by Iar De

    I've saved many highlights and tagged them. Some of them I didn't tag.

    Finally, I decided to look @ what I have saved and the search has no results, when I am trying to slect any tag from the menu on the left.

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    Toolbar icon color should be green

    Naved Islam · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Currently the toolbar icon is black, and so when using a dark theme it becomes hard to see (see attachment). 

    Simply recoloring the current icon to green like the sidebar, or a lighter gray color would solve this issue.