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    Spamspambacon · 0 · Posted

    I've only just started using Memex, but holy cow!!! I have been looking for something like this since FOREVER!  

    AWESOME CONCEPT, and I will pay for this as soon as you start charging!!

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    Backup hangs at 0% in preparing uploads phase

    Tebibyte · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    I have been trying to backup to google drive, but the processes hangs in Step 4/5 at 0% in preparing uploads phase. Little cpu or network activity is being used by the extention. 

    That said, I have 2gb of files and screenshots to backup so some slowness in understandable.

    I really like the extention though, good work!

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    Allow "Bookmarks only" as default in Settings.

    JonB451 · 0 · Posted

    Allow "Bookmarks only" as default in Settings.

    For those of us who are here to search bookmarks rather than history this would save us a couple of clicks every single time we want to search. Wouldn't it be relatively low hanging fruit to implement too?

  • Feature: Excluding terms and domains

    Oliver Sauter · 2 · Last reply by JonB451

    Yeah! Memex now supports the ability to filter out results that contain terms you define or are from certain domains.  It's pretty straight forward and some of you surely know how to do this with Google. 

    Exclude terms:

    Type: house -garage Get: all pages containing house but not garage

    Exclude domains:

    Type: house or house  Get: all pages containing house without the ones on

    Exclude multiple domains:

    Type: house or house Get: all pages containing house without the ones on and 

    Include domains:

    We also made some updates to the query to include domains.  To filter for specific domains you

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    New Google Drive initial backup uses too much CPU

    Mischa · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    I canceled because my laptop was too hot for too long. 2017 top of the line Macbook Pro.

  • Delete your backup (and start over)

    Oliver Sauter · 0 · Posted

    We are sorry this is still a bit more complicated, we have not implemented an automatic deletion and restart process yet.

    1. Delete drive backup

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner
    3. Go to 'Manage Apps'
    4. Search for 'Memex Cloud'
    5. On the right side is a settings button, pick 'Delete App Data'

    2. Delete your Last Backup Timestamp

    a) On Chrome:

    1. Type in chrome://extensions in the address field
    2. Turn the switch "Developer Mode" on in the top right corner
    3. Look for the 'Memex' card in the list
    4. Click on Background Script
    5. Chose the tab
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    Highlight stopwords in search queries

    Grey-out (or just make visible via some sort of highlight) words that will be filtered out of search (stop words: words like "and", "a", etc.).

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    How do you organize your thoughts? Share your experience!

    Emmanuel Salomon · 0 · Posted

    I'm new to memex. And I'm a little bit confuse with the possibilities to organize saved elements. Between tags, collections and bookmarks, I don't know how to save my search on the web...

    Can you share your experience? Give exemple about how you separate concerns from your job, search, hobbies, usefull and very used links...


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    Search in comments

    Worldbrain · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    I'm wondering that worldbrain doesn't search in my comments when I save an Quote?!

    It should be possible to search the own comments.

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    How do I add multiple tabs to a collection at the same time?

    Danny DeLoach · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    I would like to add multiple open tabs to a collection at the same time.  Currently, I can click on the Worldbrain extension and choose 'Add to collection(s)' to add the current tab to a collection.  Is there a way to add all the open tabs in the window to a collection at the same time?

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    default tag for a session

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    Hello, when i search in the internet for a idea. For example for cats. I would prefer to set a default tag for this sesssion.

    Your sincerly Stephan

  • Good idea. I'm looking for a central store for brainstorming in the team.

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    In the moment i test same ideas for a central store for brainstorming.

    Give me the opportunity to visualize the content of the memory and to save it in a MySQL. The idea is great.

    Your sincerly Stephan

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    statistical evaluation

    Stephan · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter


    In my spare time I deal with the statistics.

    I would like to present new ideas as a diagram.

    Where is the database with the index ?

    Your sincerly Stephan

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    Highlight icon when current page has comments

    Marcelo Schmidt · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    It would be cool if the Memex icon would highlight or change color when the page has comments.

  • Very new to Memex but very impressed and hopeful

    Fred First · 2 · Last reply by Fred First

    Most of what I do at the computer (now retired) is "knowledge work." As former teacher, essayist, blogger and newspaper columnist, I browse, read, annotate, catalogue and synthesize material across a wide swath of topics in environmental and health areas. Mostly until just yesterday discovering Memex, web information had to be clumsily bookmarked or extracted—to diigo, dynamist, one note, devonthink etc.

    Now, the Internet and the browser can potentially become the center of my work—source and extracted information and inter-connections all potentially managed via Memex. I see this through what this product can become, encouraged by the active and enthusiastic development

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    bookmark indication

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    would like to see bookmarked page lights up the icon when visited

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    binding, merging or editing url

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    there are some websites using non-static web addresses

    Method 1: has a policy to strip unnecessary suffix

    eg: =Strip to>

    Method 2: auto and manual merge on different entries with same content/ webpage

    allowing to bind standard youtube address, youtube sharing address and youtube address within a playlist to display as 1 entry

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    moodboards and pinterest like layout

    Zackary Wang · 0 · Posted

    Add a layout like Moodboard or Pinterest like layout

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    keyboard bindings for everything

    Grant Vesely · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Sauter

    polite suggestion: add keyboard shortcuts (or at least the ability to define your own shortcuts) for all common actions - for instance, opening the Memex menu button, adding a comment to a selected piece of text, and blacklisting a page.

    i know very little about WebExtension development, but it feels like some low-hanging fruit would be the ability to save a comment using alt-enter or ctrl-enter while editing (as opposed to having to select the "save" button using the mouse cursor - which has to be moved from the center of the screen, having just been used to select a