missing tag


i have tagged a website with the tag 'cat'.

When i switch to the dashboard an search for this tag, no results found

Your sincerly Stephan.

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Not having use memex for a week - all my tags and collections have disappeared. Guess I'm not going for the premium version.
Using Brave browser.

Hey Mushin, 

Sorry for your loss.
We don't really support the brave browser yet, as they don't have stable Web Extension APIs. So some features do not work at all and some bugs appear, like the one you mentioned. It may be that Brave purges the local storage regularly, but that is just guessing at this point. 

We approach Brave recently and will have further chats on how to integrate it better. 
I'll keep you posted on this one. 

Actually the premium version (which is backup) should prevent you going through this pain. But you don't have to pay to use it. If you do the backups manually it is for free. This week we launch the ability to backup your data locally and therefore to any of your favorite cloud providers with file system integration. 

This happens to me too :-(

Hey Erik,

Sorry for this late reply, just seeing your message. 
Bummer that you experience these troubles. That really sucks. 

May i ask which browser you use, and to follow the steps outlined below in my initial reply to Stephan? this will help me to find what has cause this super annoying issue. 


Hey Stephan, 

ouch! This.should.not.happen!

could you reproduce this bug on other pages too?
If it happens, can you see what the error messages are that pop up in the log?

For that you go to: chrome://extensions > enable developer mode > Memex: background page > tab: console 

A screenshot of the last few error messages would be helpful. 
And no worry, there are usually a couple of non-problematic error messsages in the log.