Good idea. I'm looking for a central store for brainstorming in the team.

In the moment i test same ideas for a central store for brainstorming.

Give me the opportunity to visualize the content of the memory and to save it in a MySQL. The idea is great.

Your sincerly Stephan

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Hey Stephan, 

Great that you want to use Memex in a team environment. 
You are probably going to like some of the next features we plan to approach: Collaboration. 

With that you'll be able to co-curate lists of useful websites and annotations with your team, and publish them to other people too. Also you'll be able to have threaded conversations about annotations. 

If you like, I'd be interested to learn a bit more about the context you want to use Memex with your team, so we can design the features in the most useful way. 

We either can have a conversation here or we can jump in a 20-30 minute call sometimes in the coming days? If that is interesting to you, you can book a time on my calendar here

Enjoy your rest of the week!