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Hey Stephan, 

You can't make a dump yet unfortunately, but you can still inspect the DB.
One of the features on our roadmap is being able to dump your DB to your local hard drive in a format you can further process your data with. 
Will let you know once that is working.

We are an open-source project, so sou are also very welcome to contribute to this. :)

On chrome: 

  1. go to chrome://extensions
  2. enable "developer mode"
  3. select "background page" 
  4. select tab "application"
  5. select "indexedDB"
  6. select "memex - chrome....."

or about:addons (firefox)

  1. select settings icon
  2. select 'debug addons'
  3. select 'debug' on Memex
  4. Same steps as in chrome

Hope that helps!