Where is the database


Sorry for my bad english.

I have a simple question. I have installed memex on my pc.

Where is the database ?

Is there a way to use a other database.

I think a mysql database is the best choise.

Your sincerly Stephan

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How do you plan to manage storage limit (seems 5MB)? I know it's relatively huge for storing text. But storing terms, screenshot and favicons (blob) will fastly reach this limit.

What's happen when this limit is reached and I want to store bookmark or annotation ?

  1. Go to your Memex dashboard.
  2. Open devtools console.
  3. Select Application tab.
  4. Select Storage > IndexedDB > memex
  5. Got it.
Hello Oliver,

my idea is to create a central point where visited websites are stored. We use a samba server. The information could be stored on a shared drive.

In my spare time I deal with the basics of statistics. If the information is stored in a MySQL, then I can program my own tools for the evaluation.

It would be nice if additional information could be stored for each search. I think of a kind of toolbar in the browser in the more meta information can be entered. This additional information could be stored for each search.

For example:
+ Name
+ Group
+ Topic
+ Keywords

For a search, these keywords could be used in a high value.

Very important !

The employee must be able to immediately see if Memex is active. Data protection and acceptance by the employees must be available.

Yours sincerely


Hey Stephan, 

as for now there is unfortunately no way to use another DB than the native indexedDB, which is as fast as it can get. 
If I am correct, indexedDB is natively also a sqlite database. 

What would be your interest to use another kind of DB under the hood?