Word Cloud on Dash Board

I'd like to see a word cloud for all the indexed pages on WorldBrain.

It could be like attached image, or maybe just ordered by most occuring word in bigger font size and gets smaller with fewer occurrences.

See what our top words are and clicking on them takes us to those indexed pages.

Not sure how useful it would be, or how to make it useful...

Maybe we can exclude certain words or phrases that are not relevant to us, or junk in general?

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Hey Sun & Stephan, 

sorry for this ridiculously late reply. 

We are currently short on manpower and have been working hard to bring some new useful features to the table. Launching Backup to Google Drive tonight. 

I have to admit, that it is unlikely that this feature will come anytime soon, as 

1) the tool does not have the data to rank words in a meaningful way at the moment.
So it could become really messy/not helpful easily

2) There are dozens of more important features to get in. 

Sorry :(


sorry for my bad english. The idea with the word cloud is good.

If I choose a word, then a list of pages should be displayed.

If I chose a word in the cloud, then the cloud should recreate.

In the new cloud, the index / words of the selected pages should appear.

I am looking for a solution to better represent the results of my internet search.