Very new to Memex but very impressed and hopeful

Most of what I do at the computer (now retired) is "knowledge work." As former teacher, essayist, blogger and newspaper columnist, I browse, read, annotate, catalogue and synthesize material across a wide swath of topics in environmental and health areas. Mostly until just yesterday discovering Memex, web information had to be clumsily bookmarked or extracted—to diigo, dynamist, one note, devonthink etc.

Now, the Internet and the browser can potentially become the center of my work—source and extracted information and inter-connections all potentially managed via Memex. I see this through what this product can become, encouraged by the active and enthusiastic development it is receiving. I am encouragd as well by the motives and values that drive your work—an ethic that comes at a crucial time in the quest for trust and truth.

I will get to know Memex better, then see if I can inspire a few of my geeky friends to use it—although why would not everyone who uses a browser want the features it offers, even if only the search-in-pages function alone?

I am not a coder but an end-user with fairly high demand for features. I will explore your fee structure and see where I fit in. It is a little complicated at first glance. So I will just hang out for a while and continue, I’m sure, to find more and more ways Memex can help me in my reading, research and recall. Thank you for your vision and your work.

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I am not a coder so will not be adapting the core code in any way and I am not a heavy enough user of social media for development in that direction to be much use. 
I am interested in having tags, keywords, etc show up in searches. I am interested in having visited pages with annotations indicated by an icon on the toolbar like diigo does if a page being visited is already saved with comments, tags or annotations. 
I am interested perhaps in supporting those areas of progress but will give the chrome extension a few weeks of use and learn more about WorldBrain before "investing." Also watching (108) Transforming Ownership to Create a Better Economy | Armin Steuernagel | TEDxZurich  which showed up under "beginner" at WHY CROWDFUNDING. 
I do like that you offer a potential user the larger philosophical overview of WHY contribute?  That does then require coming back to the app on the ground to assess potential usefulness vs potential return on investment. That takes time if one is thorough.
I have taken a look recently at History Search but its function is flat compared to what exists and is planned for Memex. I can't compare dollar per dollar invested in one vs the other, however. History search is an annual fee of $40 per year. What would that amount purchase in WorldBrain? I'm still trying to compare apples and oranges.
One more small suggestion: scan all pages for typos and grammar glitches in English. 
Looking forward to What Comes Next!
Fred First
Floyd, Virginia

Hello Fred,

thanks for those kind words :) Much appreciated to hear that Memex solves such a problem for you (it does for us too) :)

Regarding the complicated fee structure: What makes it hard to understand, and how can we improve to make it better? Our goal is to make this project as community driven as possible, and the crowdfunding is a key part of this. So any tips on how to make it more intuitive will help to make this project progress faster and better. 

Thanks for your time and support and looking forward to serving you, and you demands for features, well in the future :)

Enjoy your week!