Show Memex search results next to google search results

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Hey @Dima

the problem you were facing is fixed. I just pushed the new version to Chrome's store and Firefox AMO. It's already available on Firefox. 

Let me know if everything works again!


hmm.. its not working at all now. Just shows nothing. I've tried to check/uncheck DDG in settings, restarting browser, nothing helps.

That is weird, which version are you on now? 0.2.2 would be the one with the fix.

Make sure you search for something that you have a result in the overview as well. 
It is only showing the Memex results in DDG if there are actual results. 

Works just well today, but there was no update. Probably needed some time, maybe was rebuilding indexes..

Thank you!

Excited to try this Oliver but how do i get it to appear? Google is ticked in Memex's settings but i do not see any of its results when i use either google.com, .co.uk, or .ch. I expect it is something obvious i'm doing wrong.

Mhh this is weird, it should work on any google page, independent of your country selection.
I also just tried it with all of the ones you showed here and it works for me. 

It should show it here by default, and also only if you have a matching term: https://imgur.com/a/6ISZQ

Can you also share me a screenshot?

If there is absolutely nothing to see, and you are sure that you would find a term when doing a regular search, I'd appreciate you having a look if you find an error message in the console and share a screenshot of that with me. 

chrome://extensions > Memex > background page > console

Hope we find a solution :) 

Sorry! My mistake Oliver. It's brilliant! And thanks for the quick reply, especially on Good Friday.

My issue now is that the search logic is different between Google and Memex. I think, for example, that in Google <tragedy AND commons> is a boolean AND which it is not in Memex. So Google and Memex are actually doing different searches aren't they?

No problem, it isn't explained anywhere, so partly also a mistake on our end :)

Yes they do still differentiate unfortunately. 

We are just about to finish up the overhaul of our internal search engine (which will be about 15x faster than what you have now)
With that comes also a lot of enhanced flexibility to implement logical operators.
Which we are also going to do then :)
For example excluding words/domains.
Heavily looking forward to all of that myself :)

Enjoy your easter holidays. 
I am working, tons of things to do!

Thanks Oliver. The bigger issue i have is that my bookmarks and history (maybe 10k urls in total) never seem to complete importing. Am i expecting too much in terms of quantity? Where exactly are they cached?

Happy Easter to you too. Don't answer this at least until you've eaten enough chocolate for the year (or is chocolate just a British Easter thing?).

Oh, yeah some people still run into some issue with the importer in the current version. Sorry to hear that. 
And no, you are not, 10k should in general not be an issue (time wise it is still, as the importer is not really efficient at the moment)
With the new indexing algorithms you'll be able to import 10k documents in less than an hour without interruptions. 
As for now, I suggest just waiting until the new update is out and import it in one go. In the meantime, visited websites should be indexed properly. 

Actually I was accidentally going on a easter bunny hunt for chocolate in my flat :D 
I knew I had it somewhere and had to really search a lot :)

Enjoy your easter holidays as well

Thanks Oliver. How do we keep automatically informed about updates?


As some of you may already have seen, Memex results now also appear next or above Google search results (as you wish) :)

@Ben if we find people adding DuckDuckGo support, it should be easily doable now. 

Thanks for adding DuckDuckGo! The small problem is that the links are not clickable (Firefox).


..Hm, but sometimes they are clickable:



This is great. Would anyone else be interested in showing Memex results in DuckDuckGo search results?