Is syncing from Google Keeps on the radar?

I have a lot Keeps on my health issues and would love to move them into the Memex environment. Is that on the list of future enhancements?

Just installed Memex on Firefox 61 and I'm VERY impressed. Well Done!

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From an Android browser, I Share to Google Keeps. That creates a "Keep" (a box), much like Sharing to Facebook, with a link at the bottom that has an image from the page on the left and the page title to the right. Then I enter my annotations and select or create new tags for it. I can search for Keeps by any text in them.

I believe I saw that you have an Android app too? I'll check it out.

Maybe you could come up with some kind of import utility that would scrap and convert the Keeps from the local display page? They are presented to the user on a continuous page much like Facebook. Maybe the same technique for scraping any such page could work?

Keep up the great work!

Oh thanks Robert for the praise :)

happy you like it so much. 

Unfortuantely not yet, as Google Keep has no API (which I hope changes soon due to GDPR rules). Means we cannot easily integrate it. 

How do you use Google Keeps to keep those notes? You copy-paste the urls and then write all notes you have to it?

But in general, yes this is indeed a list of future enhancements to build integrations to the most commonly used tools, like also Keeps is one.

Soon we are also starting our feature-based crowdfunding, where people can support the development of those features, and get back premium credits in return. Although not promoted yet, the page exists here: https://worldbrain.io/product/integration-with-pocket/