Highlights dissapear when panel is hidden

Highlighted text reverts to normal (hightlights removed) when panel is closed. I'm not sure if this by design or not, but it would make sense to laways show highlights if present on the visited page.

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Hi Oliver,

+1 to the request to easily leave highlights shown by default - it makes it feel more like you've actually marked up the page as you would in a book.

Relatedly, I would love to keep the side-panel open somehow, as soon as I've highlighted one thing, so as I'm going back to a page I've visited before I can clicklessly see a list of my highlights and comments and jump to them with a single click.



Indeed, sidebar and highlights should be independent. While highlights should be persistent — for various reason — and can be, since they are non-obtrusive. Current behavior is a no-go for me.

Hey woguret,

This is at that point by design, but we are soon doing some rework on the UX of this. 
So I'll keep your point in mind, as I can see that you don't necessarily want to hide all the highlights just because they sidebar is in the way and you want to close it. 

Hi Oliver, any update on this?