keyboard bindings for everything

polite suggestion: add keyboard shortcuts (or at least the ability to define your own shortcuts) for all common actions - for instance, opening the Memex menu button, adding a comment to a selected piece of text, and blacklisting a page.

i know very little about WebExtension development, but it feels like some low-hanging fruit would be the ability to save a comment using alt-enter or ctrl-enter while editing (as opposed to having to select the "save" button using the mouse cursor - which has to be moved from the center of the screen, having just been used to select a slice of text to add the comment to).

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Great suggestion, we already started on this work a while back here, but needed to interrupt it for more important development work. 

Next week we are going to have a feature design sprint to map out the roadmap of the next weeks, after that I know more. But yes agreed, would be so handy to have that and should not be too much work to implement. 

Thanks for dropping by with your suggestion, much appreciated. 

Here is the PR with the ongoing work: https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex/pull/289