Tutorial: Notes & Annotations


  1. Annotations only work on tabs that have been opened after installing Memex 
  2. After an update of Memex, currently open tabs need to be reloaded in order to make annotations.
    We can't do anything about it at the moment. Its a limitation of your browsers.

How to use: 

  1. Make sure your sidebar and tooltip is turned on. You find the switch by clicking on the small  icon in the top right corner of your browser.
  2. Highlight any piece of text, and click on the  icon.
  3. Add comment to it, and/or tags, and save the annotation

Current Limitations:

  1. You can't search the annotations yet via the overview interface or sidebar. Soon though!
  2. Annotating web based PDFs doesn't work yet. 

Improvement Roadmap:

  1. Highlighting text in multiple colors
  2. Searching and for annotations, comments and highlights, and filtering by tags, time, domain etc. 
  3. Sharing of single annotations just like Memex.Links
  4. Sharing of many annotations as collections and with groups, and discussing them with others. 
  5. Add custom fields to annotations

(Features and order subject to change with user requirements - Give your 2 cents here

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2 replies

Can you highlight without either a comment or a tag? Or is at least one of those two required?

yeah you can already highlight and then save the annotation to save it without a comment. 
With the new update coming out you can do 3 new things: 
1) instantly make a highlight on a selected text with the (h) keyboard shortcut
2) Toggle highlights with (h) when no text is selected.
3) when creating an annotation (a), the highlight is already saved automatically. only if you add a comment to it you need to save it and it turns into an annotation.   

Thanks Oliver.

Regardless of the Filter -> Types -> Comments, will search terms found in comments be either weighted more heavily or prioritised in search results, compared to instances found in websites or highlights themselves? Will it be possible for the user to regain some control over those weightings or prioritising algos? 

They are not searchable yet, but we are already short before releaesing this feature. Highlights, comments & annotations will have higher priority than regular pages with the new update.

Good to hear. Thanks Oliver. Any clarity about weightings helps to manage the complexity in our research processes. Essentially, i want to know precisely what a tool is doing, else it is adding complexity and uncertainty rather than managing it.