is a really cool feature. Just tried it - super valuable. Thanks guys!!

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Thanks a lot for all Oliver and your team.

I think there is a problem with Google Translate official extension with select and print option  with .



maybe not google translate because i unactive it and the problem continue.

Hey Lif, 

a pity if it were coming from Memex.
Can you describe the situation it fails?
What are you expecting to happen and what happens instead?

You can also use something like to make a quick screencast. 
Really the simplest tool I know...just drag, start, stop, get link :)

Have a good day!

Hey :)

Thanks for dropping by with your feedback. Glad it is helpful to your work. 
Let me know if you want anything improved. 

Next feature that launches on top of it is annotations and comments. So you can create highlights and save a comment attached to it!