Tutorial: Memex.Links: Highlight any text and create a link to it.

Ever wanted to show someone a specific piece of text in an article? Be it to cite more precisely in your blog posts or news articles, or in a debate on social media?Then you know the pain of copy-pasting all relevant information back-and-forth. 

How to use:

  1. Make sure your annotation tooltip is turned on. You find the switch by clicking on the small  icon in the top right corner of your browser.
  2. Highlight any piece of text on the web
  3. Click on the 'share' icon in the appearing tooltip
  4. Get a link you can share with anybody. Anyone opening such a Memex.Link will sees this (open in incognito mode), and if you have Memex installed it will automatically scroll to the exact highlight. 


At this point the creation of Memex.Links is a fully anonymous act. We do not track the creator's IP, and also not of those who click on it. 
We reserve the ability to change this in case there is abusive behaviour by introducing the necessity to register for this service. 
Even then, we won't analyse any of your data for the purposes of selling it, or any derivate of it to 3rd parties.
We only will analyse anonymous interactions with features so we can optimise the tool and its performance to you, the user. 
You can always opt-out of this via the privacy tab in the settings page in Memex and become a ghost for us. 

Availability Disclaimer:

Memex and Memex.Link are still in beta status, so bugs will certainly appear along the way. 
At this point, we do not advise to use Memex.Links in an environment where you need to make sure that those links always work. 

Even though we do our best that Memex.Links are always reachable and built several fallback into it, we cannot guarantee it at this stage. 
However, every Memex.Link contains the original URL, so that people can still reach the original page in case the link does not properly work. 

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