Default blacklist

What is the default blacklist? Is it documented anywhere? What is the intended approach to having a good default blacklist?

Per the source, https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex/blob/master/src/blacklist/background/constants.js, it seems that only 'https?://localhost', 'google.\\w+/maps' are in the default list which is also confirmed when I check the extension settings.

Shouldn't bank sites and other financially sensitive sites be on the default as well?


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Thank you for your response - I understand that your focus on other issues and set other priorities. 

Another implementation idea: You can merge the filters of the community (Memex Cloud???, if the customer agrees) and publish the result as a default list (this may need to be normalized / cleaned up beforehand).

Great idea. :)

This might be something we can work on implementing later, although it will have a lot of complexities to take into account. 
Making a global blacklist is unlikely, rather blacklists you can share and adopt from other people. 

Reason is that global blacklists will be hard to maintain in a way that everyone agrees to, and second, if there was e.g. child pornography blacklists shared, it would basically be the ideal repository for pedophiles :(

So yeah, not sure yet how to do this. 

Thanks for the idea and sorry for this super late reply. We are swamped right now and your message fell through the cracks. 

Hello @gwe-1510

Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented yet, and won't be in the foreseeable future. 
At least we currently don't have the manpower for it and need to focus on other priorities. 

We added those sites to the list, as especially Google Maps produces a lot of urls that are basically useless > every zoom produces a new url which needs to be indexed. 

Things can always be deleted in retrospect via the blacklist interface, and the data never leaves your computer anyhow, after it is saved. 

So the 2 workarounds are: 

  1. adding your bank account yourself
  2. if you realise you forgot that, adding it later and delete all related items in one go

Hope that helps!