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Thanks Oliver.

Any added search logic would be extremely valuable, and i guess there are many steps to developing this. egrep might be an even better model to aim for than grep. Not sure. Either would be unique as far as i know, probably as you say because of the complexity of implementation. It does seem like Google are missing a trick with not offering more sophisticatred search control to some users.

Given the innovation of results along side Google's results, i can see why sychronizing the logic between the extension and the search engine might be a priority for Memex in next steps.

Indeed, these query improvements are next down the line. Especially minus-search With this searches will be possible like:
- everything with 'house' but NOT with 'garage'
- exclude all results from 'github.com' 

After that we will continue with AND/OR queries, especially for tags.

Now that the new search-index is live, it will be much easier to implement this. 
Unfortunately you as an existing users still have to wait a bit, as we are still working on the migration of your old data to the new index. Mi scusi :)

In any case it will be a massive boost in speed and performance for the search. 

If you want Memex results to be valid alongside a search engine's results, ie with the same comparable search logic, how will you manage different search engines applying different logic to the input? Will Memex's search apply different logic, for example, depending on which search engine it is paired with at that time?

The answer to this might also shed some light on which you intend to prioritize between:

A, getting infront of users' eyes via the search engine page, and;

B, adding utility to the search via empowering search logic, eg regex.

Or whether you intend to manage both A and B. Thanks for any guidance.

Hi, is there an updated ETA for boolean search operators please? Or whether the search results nexxt to Google's will be from the same logic?

Thanks, Jon.

Hey Jon, 

Thanks for this suggestion, indeed that would be a sweet addon. 
However as of now, it is not possible and will also still take a bit of time until we get there. 
It's technically quite complex and might not possible with the technologies and resources available in the browser. 

I'll bring it up in our next dev meeting and get back to you.