Show disk usage inside browser

Right now I'm just going to File Explorer and checking size of chrome-extension_abkfbakhjpmblaafnpgjppbmioombali_0.indexeddb.{blob,leveldb} files (by the way, it's 200MB after 2 weeks of usage).

Hopefully you will be able to find a way to display this measure inside extension popup/page.

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Is there a way to do this in Firefox?


I have to correct myself, there is! 

if you go on chrome://extensions, select developer mode, then go on 'background page' of Memex, then on "applications" and then select "clear storage" then you'll see a pie chart with the total storage occupied by Memex. 

Right now I have 2526 pages saved, which take about 230MB. I'm using Vivaldi and 2560x1080 screen (but most times screenshot is not being taken).

Yeah screenshots are only taken after 10 seconds on the screen, and sometimes people close the tab in the moment the screenshot is taken, hence it is not there. 
The screenshot is also not that big, it is only about 20kb > not full resolution (not even close) :D

Hey @pzmarzly

unfortunately there is no easy way right now to determine the overall size on disk. 
The number you point at is quite high, how many documents did you already have indexed? 

You can see this in the importer (> settings > import history and bookmarks)

We are just about to launch our new improved search index, which should save tons of space and complexity. That'll get this down then.