Prevent your imports from stopping midway

Due to a protection mechanism by your browser, it can happen that your imports suddenly stops. 
This mechanism is originally intended to warn you from visiting phishing websites. 

When our background process requests such a url, it blocks our code from being executed and also blocks all further requests. 
With a few clicks you can (temporarily) disable this measure and your imports will run through. . 

NO WORRIES THOUGH. When the import process visits those websites, no viruses can be downloaded. 
By re-enabling the protection afterwards you are safe visiting those sites because it will show you the familiar warning again. 

How to disable your browser's Phishing Protection: 

  1. Go to Chrome's settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on Advance
  3. Disable this setting
  4. Done. Nothing can happen here.
  5. Re-enable the settings after the download is finished (we will remind you just in case)

In case you got stuck and didn't disable those setting before:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Reload Memex
    Either through the  icon or by disabling the extension and re-enabling it
  3. Follow Steps above on how to disable the Phishing Protection settings. 

We know its not the most elegant solution, but the best we can offer right now without infringing your privacy. 
(The other option is to send each of your urls to google before downloading in order to check if they are malicious)
If you would not mind doing that, let us know and we can put this feature on our map for integration. 


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I found that simply hitting 'pause' and then 'resume' allowed it to continue.  Couldn't the import detect that nothing's happening after approx 30 seconds, and do the same?  (there is no way I'll disable phishing protection...)

Which leads into the question:  how can I tell if a bookmark has/has-not been imported?

Hey Alan, 

Your hack works for some of the stops, but not for that one. 

The fishing protection you can really disable without worry. 
It is just a warning that google displays when you visit one of those sites, nothing can be downloaded from them by requesting their html. 

Means as soon as you would visit that page again later, after enabling it again, it would show you the warning again. 

Bookmarks that have already been imported in a "frozen" attempt are not again downloaded. It may be though that you can't progress beyond that 'phishing' site in your list of to-be-downloaded pages. 

Just waiting for 30s doesnt work either, because Chrome/Firefox will disable all connections coming from the tab you are currently in. 

Hope that helps.