Sync between multiple computers / browsers

with dropbox, drive, mega.nz, own server...

i definitely need sync, i use a laptop and desktop pc so it is important for me to have my bookmarks WITH TAGS synchronized...

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Hey Mikula, 

Yeah indeed that would be so nice. That is why we will build Memex Cloud. 
(Thanks for supporting us in its development trough the presale) :)

However, making a sync possible is not just uploading everything to google drive and is not easily doable right now, as it requires also changes to the data model and indexing approach. (bc of deduplication/conflicts mgmt) Whereas the Gdrive Backup should be relatively simple. 
The first step we are taking to give is to enable you to at least back it up to Gdrive, but each extension installation separately. 

The sync will probably need to wait a bit, sorry :(