can recall an exact image of each page view

Can recall an exact image of each page like view by user :

- by one of severals screen shot if animated (for fidelity)

- the source code of the page (for reuse if possible...)

Of an option, with possibility to choose specific content (folder, just bookmarks, specific date..) to efficient storage.

french : Pouvoir revoir tout contenu fidélement tel qu'on l'a vu au moment de son visionnage (par une capture d'écran + le code source de la page) avec la possibilité de limiter cet enregistrement complet à une partie du contenu indexé (signets uniquement, une certaine période, dossiers spécifiques...) pour limiter le volume de stockage nécessaire.

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How can i retrieve the screenshot of a page in Memex ?

Hey Lif, 

Do I understand correctly, that you want to have a full HTML snapshot of a page at a given time of your visit?

We intend to develop a read-it-later feature this summer, and on top of that then a feature to store this HTML full snapshot. 
But it will still take a bit of time. 

We will build on the work of Gerben, that develops the WebMemex Freeze-Dry:

So yeah, its on the map, but will still take a bit. :)

Thanks a lot for your work,


And i think its a good solution and in addition to html a bitmap (or other tech) that which brings a fidelity of what one saw, to fill in the event of weakness of the dynamic websites that are hard to screenshot with often errors.