Tags not saved/deleted.

I am a new user (and purchased pre-sale of upgrade being a fan already). I had tagged 20-30 articles related to work, "eq". This morning, they have all disappeared but for the one that I tagged this morning. HELP!

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Oh Kevin, so sorry about that! 
This is really annoying and SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. 

Let me ask you a couple of questions to understand the problem deeper. 
- did the pages disappear, or only the tags?
- how did you find out they disappeared?
- How did you tag the pages? Did you really quickly add the tags? How exactly did you add them? (I have noticed that sometimes you need to press enter twice in order to select a tag after the search in the popup, because the cursor did not select the result tag yet)

Hope we can resolve this soon and so that it does not happen anymore. 

Also thanks so much for supporting our development. 
We are in early stages, so your contribution will really help us to make the product better and better over time. 

Have a good start into the new week!