Increased user control over which bookmarks and history are included.

Each of a user's bookmarks, bookmark folders or pages visited in history could have a check box to toggle it in or out of current search. Or rather than a check box this could be a case of managing two lists: included and excluded. 

Different profiles could even be allowed (eg, search for <Paris> in 'budget' configuration or 'luxury' configuration) but that is beyond what i am voting for in this initial proposition. 

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Hey Jon, 

Thanks again for dropping by with another great idea. This one seems to be more realisable. :)

In fact it might be one we are already having on our map.
One of the features we are going to develop this summer is 'Custom Lists'. 
If everything goes planned, those lists will also be syncable with your browser's bookmarking folders. 
In this case you will be able to AND/OR filter your results by those lists. 

Would that enable the use cases you have in mind?

Yes, i think so. Thanks Oliver.