Can I backup my data and and import it again when I switch to another browser?

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Hey folks, 

yes we are launching this feature tonight :)
You'll be able to backup your data to google drive. 

Right after the launch we are working on the restore functionality too, so a couple of days later it should be possible to restore. 



Has this import feature roled out yet? I just switched from Firefox to Brave and am hoping to import my old worldbrain data.

Hey Alex, 

sorry I have been overlooking your message. :(

You run Memex on Brave? Does that work without issues for you?
Disclaimer: we only have tried with a hack to install it and it had some bugs. How did you enable it?

You can already backup your Google Drive and likely before the new year you'll be able to restore it from Google Drive too. In the new year asap then you can do all that also via your local hard drive. 

Hope that helps!


How is work on the restore option going? 


Hey @help

Sorry for this ridiculously late reply. Must have missed this. 

Not yet, but soon it'll be possible. 
I'll keep you posted in this thread once that happens. 


Hi Oli!

I was curious about this feature too. Any new news? Edit: Ah, I saw it's expected in November. Nevermind. I decided to back it!