Feature: Tagging

We are happy to announce a new feature to swiftly organise content and find it even more easily: Tagging websites.

1) Adding Tags

a) Via the browser menu popup

b) On every result in the Overview

2) Searching / Filtering by Tags

a) With the # in search queries

You can use the # shortcut both in the overview and when searching via the browser's address bar. 

b) With the visual tag filter 

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You're talking about tagging specific pages rather than whole websites, aren't you?

It would be great to have both page and site options. 

Sorry wow, have fully overlooked your comment. Yes I am talking about specific pages. 

We hope to soon release "bulk editing" where you can then search for all pages from a given domain (= website in your terms I assume), and then tag them all together.


Can you elaborate in which use cases you would like to have the whole site/domain tagged? Will help me understand the "why" better and therefore to consider more solutions to the problem.