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i like the idea of dean, here is what would be neat to have aswell.. a cloud of different size tags do click on according to data found with keywords:

the oldest bookmarking network delicious has it :)

imagine you forget what the keyword was about, maybe some latent semantic indexing would help, with thesaurus to get to the nearest meaning of some bookmark or search you made in the past...

Hey Dean, 

thanks for posting your idea. :)

So am I understanding you correctly:
You'd like to have a list of e.g. the most common (or most recent) tags already displayed so you don't have to search, but just select them?


I think he meant a tag cloud - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud, which display the 50 most used terms in alphabetical sort order and in font size according to frequency of usage (filtered by the tags already applied => idea: narrow suggestions for auto-completion)