Known Limitations of Searching

Unfortunately, as much as we want to, our search is not perfect yet.
There are a couple of known limiations, we strive to improve constantly. 

Only exact matches findable.
Only matches for your exact keywords are findable right now.
No synonyms, partial words or fuzzy matching possible yet. 

Lag in search
Currently it may happen that you experience a lag in getting back search results, when you visited a website just before.  
This is because we have yet to implement a more efficient way of searching and indexing at the same time. 
Another reasons is that some queries can need more computation power than others.
We currently work on improvements to both problems.

Google Docs Support
Currently, Google Docs are only partially searchable. Weird bug we try to fix soon. 

Stopwords are removed
Very common words like "this" "have" are filtered out in every language. They are not searchable. 
A full list of those words are here.

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