how to delete stored data?


I read in the FAQs that the extension could end up saving as much as 4gb of local data, which isn't that much, but it would be great to be able to clean it if it ever becomes an issue. I couldn't find a "erase data" button, though. Is there any?


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Surely there is a plan to allow bulk deletions from saved pages? I just enjoyed five minute browsing a friend's Facebook photos, and now have 80 individual vacation and wedding images of people I don't know. One-at-a-time deletion surely is NOT the final form for this recurring problem for all users, right?

Hey Fred, 

yes indeed this is a bit annoying for now. Bulk edit is also pretty high up on our roadmap.
Now that we finished our Google Drive Backup, we will be working on honing all these tiny, but pesky UX flaws. 


Hey Oliver

Thanks for the solution. 

Could you please also address how to delete cached pages selectively?

Totally asking for a friend here ;-) but you see, this person happened to browse some naughty websites - completely by mistake, honestly! - and now every time he searches for innocent little kittens and pussycats, some very weird results come up.

Could you also tell us where the data is stored? My friend uses the Firefox extension, btw. :-)

Hey Hel, 

To solve this, there are currently 3 ways:

1) Go to blacklist options in the settings. Enter a domain name of a kitty page you or your friend ;) want to delete as a new entry.
It will ask you if you want to delete all occurences of that kitty page in retrospect. 

2) Use the pause mode, when you go on a kitty-hunt and visit many kitty different pages. You can reach it via the drop down in the address bar:
Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/AaMVk 

3) Once you are on a kitty page and think "oh shit, that should not show up later but I already spent so much time here." you can also quickly delete everything about that page from the popup, while you are on the page.(Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/3Uhz7

Hope that helps? :)


As mentioned in the other comment, I opened up an issue on GitHub to disable indexing in FFs private mode. https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex/issues/291

Hey Omar,

in this case, the simplest way is to uninstall and reinstall the extension. That really removes everything. 
But then you potentially lose a lot of data without return. You only can reimport the last 90 days of your history, as thats the limit provided by the browser's APIs. 

I'd suggest upgrading to Memex Cloud (or self-hosting it) then, instead of deleting. 



I would like to know how to erase all data.

Hello Omar, 

You mean you want to selectively delete data or everything, as soon as that happens?


Hi Oliver!

I'm talking about deleting everything that has been saved up to that moment and leave a clean slate. Kinda like when you delete all your browser's data.

In this case, I just recommend deleting and re-installing the extension. (You lose all your blacklist settings also, if you had some)

May I ask what the reason for that is? Saving space? Not wanting to leave traces?Asking because if I know your intentions, it helps to maybe find other solutions to your problem. 

On a note: We, as the WorldBrain project, have no access to your data and it is not sent to anyone. So your history is completely safe in your hands.