a tiny little timeline marker in the results for how often and when those results were originally viewed?

Another cue to finding the right result, would be recall of the timeframe of the original experience. yes?

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I understood and appreciated Wade's idea as the 'first time' rather than 'last time'. 

@Wade Is that not what was meant by "originally"?

Hey Wade, 

thanks for dropping by with your suggestion. And more importantly for taking the time to do so. 

Do I understand it correctly, that you want to have: 

1) Information about when a page has been viewed last

2) Information on how often the page has been viewed by you?

3) A list of times the page has been viewed?

As far as the current features go, 1) is already implemented. 

Let me know if I am understanding you correctly, so I can see how and when we can integrate your feature request.