create a thumbnail-centric view of results

WE know the text of the search, but visual recall is huge with these results. Can we have a better view of the thumbnails of the results than the list we have at the moment?


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I don't know what OP had in mind, but I would be really happy with something as simple as a grid layout.

On my laptop I can only see 4 results at once. I would like to see at least 12 fitting (grid style).

The full title / url is much less important for recognizing a result, yet it's taking the most space. The current thumbnail size is perfect though (imo).

- first have possibility to change the automatic thumbnail yes by zooming or use one of the pics of the document like in Opera browser

- pinterest style mode minor priority for me


Hey Wade, 

again, thanks for your suggestion.

Would it solve the issue for you, if we had a way to zoom in to the images in the list, or is it about having a "pinterest"-style view on the pages that makes it easier for you to skim results?