Does Memex cache the webpages? What happens when bookmarked/visited page goes offline forever?

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I do a lot of academic surveys, which usually begin with a full-page "consent form" filled with plain text. It was my understanding that this extension was scrapping those pages and storing them so, in rare cases, I could search for them later.

Is that not the case?

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Do you mean to ask if you can search also academic papers you've seen but were behind paywalls at that time? If so, then yes, you can search any website you visit, where we can extract, and locally store, an index of those pages.
If it is readable behind a paypall also depends on the web front-end of those publishers, some have no readable html or pdf code, where nothing can be stored. 

Does that answer your question?

To understand your process fully, may I ask what was written on that consent form?

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Hey Daniel, 

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Not yet, but soon. First stage is that we are working on a online and offline read-it-later feature, like you know it from Pocket or Safari. 

Having a full HTML snapshot is a bit tricky and also can get really big. 
But it's definitely a feature we have in mind. 

Will keep you posted in this thread.