Backup Data to G-Drive, Owncloud et. al.

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It is here, finally:
Today we launched our backup-to-Google-Drive feature. 

If your extension is on version 0.11.3 then you can go to settings > backups and get going!

The manual version is for free and if you want to get an automatic backup every 15 minutes it will cost 1€/month. For more information: worldbrain.io/pricing 

Let us know if you run into any issues, happy to help!

Sorry, but I have trying to get a back done, since last few days. no luck. The initial upload screen does not change!

Hey @Ashish,

Thanks for reporting. That's a bummer, sorry you are experiencing issues. 

The first step of preparation can take a bit longer dependent on how many websites you have already saved. 
How long does it stay this way?

Can you also check how many items you have in the DB? 
For that go to settings > import history & bookmarks and see how many pages you have saved. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope we can fix this asap. 

After 17 days, I am yet to get a back up done. I just don't get it.


Hey folks :)

We are short before releasing the ability to backup your data to google drive. 

You can still support the crowdfunding of the feature and get back 3 times your contributed money in Memex Credits. Those then can be use for any premium upgrade in the future. Effectively giving you a 66% discount on upgrades.  

More info you find here:



Just a thought - it would be great if the backups to whatever service were also of the sort that the DB, metadata, etc. could be accessible, rather than just packing everything into a single proprietary-ish blob. Or since one big blob is actually kind of convenient for cloud storage, make sure that it's a format like .7z or ZIP so that it can be uncompressed by users who, for whatever reason, like to poke around in databases.

Hey Dacoda,
Thanks for sharing your thought and taking the time to do so. 

We are not sure yet on how we proceed with this, so I can't make any final statements.
But it's likely going to be an a more accessible database, instead of a blob. Probably mirroring the indexedDB structure we have already.
This is because data changes need to be added subsequently, a complete backup will only happen in one go the first time.
Zipping it is also a great idea. Thanks for the input.