Read-it Later / Page Archiving

Pocket and Safari-Style Read it later function.

Basically offering users to create local copies of a website either in full html, or as cleaned 'reader-friendly' versions. 

As an initial integration we can work with our friends and partners of the internet archive to be able to make it possible to see annotations made on pages that have vanished.  

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As much as we know this feature is really wanted we have to postpone it a bit. 
We hope to tackle it towards the second half of 2019 but our core team needs to first focus on features like Sync or the collaboration features of Memex Cloud
Reason for that is that we are a bootstrapping company that does not take Venture Capital investments. Mainly to never need to lock you into our services or monetise your data for the sake of growth. (More on that in our manifesto)
Instead we need to first focus on providing elements to our services that people are willing to pay for. This feature in it's local version, like any feature in the local version, will be free so needs to wait. We're sorry for those news :( 
You can follow our product roadmap to keep up to date. 

Makes sense, thank you for the transparency! Long-term sustainability is key

Thanks for understanding @Naved :)