Sync with my mobile phones (iOS and Android Apps for Memex)

I need the ability to use my Memex on the go. 

Main use cases: 

  1. Saving websites (incl. bookmarking, tagging, sorting into collections)
  2. Adding notes and annotations
  3. Searching my Memex store (or parts of it, e.g only bookmarks)

Any other use cases you could think of dear community?

Integration into Premium model:

Syncing every 15-30 minutes (or manually anytime) when both mobile phone and computer are online. Apart from a "skype"-like connection (WebRTC) we have to create between the devices, this way we have no server costs for your traffic. The connection is made between your devices directly. 

Syncing when both devices are not online at the same time > asynchronously. E.g. you make updates on your phone, then come home to the computer and updates are fetched immediately. Also if you are working on 2 computers, your updates would be synchronised if both are not online at the same time. 
This would ensure that changes devices are updated with the newest state in any case.