How can I retrieve all highlights, that I have saved? Search shows no results, when I choose tags, that I saved my highlights with.

I've saved many highlights and tagged them. Some of them I didn't tag.

Finally, I decided to look @ what I have saved and the search has no results, when I am trying to slect any tag from the menu on the left.

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Hey Iar, 

thanks for your input. 

Indeed that is not available yet fully. But we are currently working on it. 
So in a couple of weeks you'll be able to search across all your highlights and annotations too. Including filtering by tags. 

You can enter your existing annotations right now by searching for the page in your overview and then opening the sidebar via the "comment" icon. 

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I was going to post a similar question, but this appears to cover my query.

If I understand correctly, Oliver, you're saying that the annotation feature and tags don't actually work? We can highlight, annotate and add tags - we just can't retrieve them by seeing a list of annotated pages or a filtered list of tags.

Why would you do that?! I thought Memex would be a viable replacement for Diigo, but it is functionally pointless - not to mention, very misleading with its current promise of what it claims to be able to do.

Hey James, 

We did that because we wanted to enable you to do the annotations in the first place. It was more work load than we thought to add annotations as a new searchable content type. Since we aim to make other content searchable too in the near future (e.g. social media posts) it required us to do some refactoring of our core search engine. But that is now finished and we can add new content types now much faster than before. 

Not defending that it is indeed misleading and frustrating to use without search, I want to note that are still in Beta status. So a lot of the features are in a raw Minimum Viable Product stage. We are currently all hands on to get us out of that stage and hope to release our 1.0 version end of January. Then we will also include having the annotation search, and filtering by tags, collections and starred annotations. 

Sorry if that is causing frustration :(

Hello Oliver.

Thanx for the info. It's good to know, that you are working on it and it's ok, because I am a developer myself and I know, that programming projects never get ready on time.