How to stop memex from overriding new tab page

Probably a noob question, but seems like my new tab page is overidden by memex. I would like to disable that. 

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Looks like reinstall fixed it

I'm on mac. Not really, did not modify anything. The moment I disable the memex extension, its back to normal. The moment I re-enable it, its back to hijacking cmd+t. And only on one of my profile. Super weird. But since you mention that this is not the expected behavior, it must be something that I have screwed up on my side. Let me try reinstalling and see if that helps. 

This is really weird behaviour indeed and I don't have a solution to it to be honest. I have no clue why this is happening. 
You are on Linux right? Did you maybe install some new extension allowing you to modify new tab behaviour?

Or maybe there is a bug there where extensions in general have the ability to override new tab? 
I did some quick googling but could not come up with any solution. Maybe you have more luck?

Yeah it was weird for me too. I use it on two chrome profiles and this does not seem to be happening on my other chrome profile on the same laptop. It actually feels like something overrode the cmd t to open memex in newtab rather than replacing the newtab page because I see that the url is not empty like in the newtab page.

Hey Vijay,

This is odd. We have not enabled "new tab" to be Memex. 
What is the screen you see when opening a new tab? 
Can you add a a screenshot of that?

Thanks for your help!