I have been using the extension for a few hours and find myself constantly adding sites to the blacklist. Have you thought about implementing a whitelist instead? Let the user to opt-in what sites they want indexing. I have seen others also commented on security concerns because of financial or health institution sites are captured by default. I would think a whitelist would be much easier to implement than trying to figure out what needs to be on the default blacklist?

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Hey Henry, 

good idea in theory but wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having an extension that allows you to not have to do active work in order to find stuff again? Wouldn't it cause more work to whitelist any page you find OK, instead of blacklisting the few pages you would not like to have indexed?
What is your ratio on that pages you would like to have vs those you don't?

In any case you can always delete pages in retrospect right now so in case you visited a page you don't like to have indexed you can get rid of it again. 
All your data is stored on your computer anyway, so in case you accidentally index something you don't like nobody will know except your computer. 

Thanks for helping me understand your use case better! :)