Override "w" as a search engine for worldbrain

I have w mapped to some other search engine and would like to continue using that. However, I would also like to override the worldbrain search engine keyword with something else. Is there a way to achieve that at the moment?

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Ah damn, did not know that.

In my particular case, would prefer something like "mem" or "mx" instead since I have "m" also mapped to something else. Really wish chrome allowed users to change this. Everybody is going to have their own custom search engines keywords. So it would be like playing whack-a-mole with different keywords from an extension dev point of view like yourself. 

Thanks for offering to change the keyword, really appreciate it. Thank you even more for the extension! It feels like one of those things where you are going to miss not having it once you know it exists. 

Hey Vijay, 

Unfortunately this is baked into the browser settings. We need to define that in the code and it cannot be changed by users. Which sucks a lot. We are thinking to change it to m+space to better reflect the name (Before we used it because of worldbrain)

Would that help?