Backup hangs at 0% in preparing uploads phase

I have been trying to backup to google drive, but the processes hangs in Step 4/5 at 0% in preparing uploads phase. Little cpu or network activity is being used by the extention. 

That said, I have 2gb of files and screenshots to backup so some slowness in understandable.

I really like the extention though, good work!

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I haven't been able to run it continuously, I know that if if I close the browser, it doesn't continue the backup, and goes back to the first screen. I have 29945 pages in history and  1850 pages in bookmarks. That's a lot right? How many hours should I leave it alone for to see it it budges?

I just tried it again, it finished step 1! Still at 0% for step 2 though. I'll update if it makes progress.

I've waited about an hour. Still at 0%

Thanks for the input. 

So yeah that is a lot. On my computer it tool 40 minutes for about half of that to go through the first step. Also it depends on how much you work with your computer in the mean time.
With the upcoming update we will add some more nuanced % steps for the preparation. 

So I'd say if after 2/2,5 hours you still don't see it moving check in with us again and then we do some more troubleshooting. 

If you are familiar with how to use the background console, it might as well be good to check on that once you realise it is really not moving.  Then sending a screenshot of it would be good to see if there are any important error messages. 

Thanks a lot for you help!

I'm not that familiar with the console. I did figured out how to record a profile, and export it. Do you want me to send you a json profile recorded when it hangs? IF so, how much time should I record for, and where should I send it to? I also got a warning "CPU profile parser is fixing 15 missing samples" when doing a reload.



You'll find the console just in the same window where you find the profiler. 'Console' is the second tab. I think we first need to see what the errors are before we go though the hassle of doing and sending the profile data. We first wanna find out when the problem happens, if it even does or just takes a long time for your data to be prepared. Otherwise we end up recording a lot of stuff. 


How long has it been that way? The preparation step is pretty long, so it can take a while. 
And how many pages do you have to backup? (you can check when you go to imports and see how many pages have already been stored)

On top of that its not really good UX at this point to be honest. We should show % steps in between to indicate things are still going. 



Still need to run it for a long time, Sorry I have been MIA. Here is a screenshot of the console. It looks pretty bare.